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Debapriya Das

Founder & Artistic Director, Nrityakosh

Debapriya Das is a professional dancer, performer and instructor specialising in Middle Eastern traditional & classical dances. She is the founder & artistic director of a belly dance performance house, Nrityakosh which has been at the forefront of the belly dance movement in Bangalore, India since 2017.

Debapriya was introduced to Belly Dance in 2012 and since then there has been no looking back. She instantly fell in love with the art form and made effort to train with the best artists in the field and expand her knowledge in the dance vocabulary of Middle Eastern folk & classical formats and its fusion formats. She is also trained in various dance styles ranging from Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Ballet, Flamenco and contemporary dance. Debapriya strives to bring Middle Eastern dances to the contemporary Indian audience in a manner they can relate to without changing the spirit of the art form. Most of her recent works have been socially, culturally & politically relevant & creating space for Middle Eastern dances to thrive in India.

 Debapriya has represented India in various international Oriental and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance festivals such as “5th International NY Cairo Raks Festival”, New York, “Cairo! 11th International Oriental Dance Festival”, Budapest and “The 2019 Roma Tribal Meeting”, Rome to name a few. Debapriya is also one of the dancers at the Rhythmotion ensemble headed by Guru Chitra Arvind. As a part of Rhythmotion ensemble, Debapriya represented India at the Busan International Dance Festival 2018, sponsored by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Govt of India. 

Debapriya holds a Master’s degree in Economics and previously worked as a research economist for a leading thinktank based in India. Her primary interests were in the field of poverty, sustainable development and climate change adaptation.

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The Nrityakosh Company

The Nrityakosh Company is a group of trained individuals in belly dance & its fusion formats. Our main mission is to engage with the community through our state-of-the-art productions. At Nrityakosh, we value our audience and do everything we can to make their experience with us enjoyable. We strive to produce and host memorable productions that will dazzle our audiences. 

The company members are senior artists & instructors at Nrityakosh. It is mandatory for the company members to undergo training & mentorship with Debapriya Das. The members are guided in all aspects of approaching belly dance professionally. If you are interested in becoming a part of the company, do write to us. 

Meet the Faculty

Meet the Team

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