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Past Productions

A snapshot of some of the notable work Nrityakosh has produced over the last few years.

17th & 18th April '21 Bangalore International Center Vyoma Art Space Limited Seats
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Sep 2020, April & December 2021

Born out of the pandemic uncertainties, M.O.V.E is a snapshot of how lives had suddenly changed. Stories of grief, happiness, loneliness, anxiety & nostalgia flooded our virtual interactions. M.O.V.E was initially presented as a virtual showcase in September 2020 & later staged in April & December 2022. Presented at venues across Bangalore, Vyoma Art Space, JSS Auditorium & Bangalore International Center.

Papusza - Rise & Fall of the Great Romani Poet

November 2019 & Deember 2022

The production followed the life of renowned Romani poet, Bronislawa Wajs, also known as Papusza. The recital was emotional journey of an artiste & her steps towards her freedom. Premiered in November, 2019 at ADA Rangamandira, Bangalore.

Safar-e-Raqs : Shimmy Through the Sands of Time

January 2018 & July 2022

Safar-e-Raqs traced the journey of what is popularly called belly dance from the early 1700's to the present day, surviving political turmoil, changing societal structures & adapting itself to the ever changing nature of the world. Premiered at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore.

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