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Past Productions

A snapshot of some of the notable work Nrityakosh has produced over the last few years.

Past Productions: Upcoming Productions
17th & 18th April '21 Bangalore International Center Vyoma Art Space Limited Seats
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Sep 2020, April & December 2021

Born out of the pandemic uncertainties, M.O.V.E is a snapshot of how lives had suddenly changed. Stories of grief, happiness, loneliness, anxiety & nostalgia flooded our virtual interactions. M.O.V.E was initially presented as a virtual showcase in September 2020 & later staged in April & December 2022. Presented at venues across Bangalore, Vyoma Art Space, JSS Auditorium & Bangalore International Center.

Papusza - Rise & Fall of the Great Romani Poet

November 2019

The production followed the life of renowned Romani poet, Bronislawa Wajs, also known as Papusza. The recital was emotional journey of an artiste & her steps towards her freedom. Premiered in November, 2019 at ADA Rangamandira, Bangalore.

Safar-e-Raqs : Shimmy Through the Sands of Time

January 2018

Safar-e-Raqs traced the journey of what is popularly called belly dance from the early 1700's to the present day, surviving political turmoil, changing societal structures & adapting itself to the ever changing nature of the world. Premiered at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore.

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