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Our Offerings

Since 2017, Nrityakosh has provided the city of Bengaluru with a wide range of educational opportunities in Oriental dance style. We offer the belly dance community a wide range of options when it comes to classes and workshops. From general workshops to extensive events, we’ve got something great for everyone! Our oriental & fusion belly dance training is structured into beginner, intermediate & advance levels.

Beginner Module

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The Beginner Belly Dance Module is a 9 month certified course. This module is a great way into the world of oriental dance. Whether you’re looking to dance in a community or you want to develop the right skills, our beginner course is structured thoroughly to give a physical, technical, theoretical & creative understanding of Oriental Dance Styles

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Intermediate Module

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Our Intermediate training includes:

  • Introduction to Middle Eastern Traditional Dances

  • Introduction to techniques from ballet which are extensively used in classical belly dance pedagogy

  • Reda Technique & its contribution in Belly Dance

  • Introduction to Fusion 

Intermediate lessons will allow students to get the training and expertise they need in order to delve deeper into Oriental Dance Studies. Students can apply for Intermediate Classes after a year of Belly Dance lessons. 

Advance Intensives

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At Nrityakosh, all advance courses are offered as 12-16 week intensives. We’ve have a wide range educational programs designed to help belly dance students gain the skills for the professional world. We have 3 advance programs running at the moment

  • Oriental & Middle Eastern Folk Dances  

  • Fusion Essentials 

  • Indian Fusion Belly Dance 

All the above programs are designed to strengthen the physical alignment, strength, techniques & theoretical understanding of belly dance & its fusion formats. The eligibility of applying for these courses is 4 years of training or by auditions.​

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